The DiversiTech Summit Is Here!!

4 min readFeb 24, 2021


Inviting all Job Seekers, Techies, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Startups to the 2021 DiversiTech Summit!

This revolutionary summit hosted by Tribaja, is approaching fast and will set you up for future success.

So don’t miss this opportunity to join and get your ticket here: DiversiTech

Photo by: Leticia Guerra

Thank you to all of the partnerships and sponsors! Please take your time to review the list below:


A prominent interactive and live video streaming platform that will help our speakers connect with various audiences as well as allow DiversiTech attendees to network, network, network. Thank you Agora!

To learn more, click here: Agora


An idea is just an idea without a strategy or solution to solve a problem.

Thank you to Bubble, an official sponsor not only for DiversiTech but the DiversiTech Summit Ideaothon. This competition will allow innovators and startups to create solutions for an everyday problem. The winner of this competition will receive a monetary prize and three months free of Bubble pro to make their ideas come to life.

To learn more, click here: Bubble

Cambridge Innovation Center (Gold Sponsor)

A place where startups, innovators, and entrepreneurs network, plan meetings, and grow their essential communities. The mission of Cambridge Innovation Center is to create a premier platform for innovators to have attainable resources that helps them make a global impact. Thank you Cambridge for being a gold sponsor!

To learn more about the gold sponsor, click here: Cambridge Innovation Center (Tickets and Exhibit space) is the essential connection that aligns every internal system for companies to function properly. A first class supply chain data network that not only is a proud sponsor of DiversiTech, but is providing the opportunity for underrepresented techies to join with free tickets!

Thank you for providing the golden ticket of opportunity!

To learn more, click here:

Davita Venture

Health, Medical, and Quality care at its finest. Thank you for being a proud sponsor of DiversiTech!

Davita Venture provides essential life-saving care to all patients, even patients that have chronic kidney failure or stage renal disease. With the use of technology, the innovation and strategy spearheaded by Davita members are undeniable.

To learn more, click here: Davita Venture

Dell Boomi

It’s a company that provides technology and strategic solutions that gives businesses the power to connect, modernize, transform, and innovate. With the help of Dell Boomi, DiversiTech can allow our vast community of trailblazers to connect.

Thank you Dell Boomi for connecting a new community of trailblazers!

To learn more, click here: Dell Boomi

Hopework, Camden, NJ

Since day one, Hopework made it a mission to not only equip young professionals and leaders with the technology, business, and entrepreneurial resources to be successful but the opportunities to break the cycle of poverty and crime in their community. Thanks to Hopework for making an impact in the Camden, NJ community and joining DiversiTech as a proud sponsor!

To learn more, click here: Hopework Camden

Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia, PA (Platinum Sponsor)

Independence Blue Cross in Philadelphia, PA, is a health insurance organization with 25 affiliates across the United States and various regions. The mission of Blue Cross is to serve about 8.5 million people with the essential health care and services needed to promote well-being. Thank you Blue Cross for sponsoring the Health innovation pitch competition for startups!

To learn more, click here: Independence Blue Cross

NYC Tech Talent Pipeline

Let’s start networking and finding jobs with the help of NYC Tech Talent Pipeline as a trusted sponsor. This organization helps education and technical training for job seekers in the New York area as well as connect and empower businesses with the tools to succeed in competitive markets.

Thank you NYC Tech Talent Pipeline for educating and providing resources to us all!

To learn more, click here: NYC Tech Talent Pipeline

Syneos Health

Syneos Health has found the perfect strategy that aligns their vision, mission, and passion! The perfect strategy is the heart and fire to bridge the health gap between doctors, physicians, biopharmaceuticals, and patients. The organization has various ventures that include clinical development, therapeutic expertise, and much more.

Thank you Syneos Health for being a part of DiversiTech as a guest judge for the health innovation pitch competition and providing the winner with a monetary donation as well as free membership to the Cambridge Innovation Center. Thanks!

To learn more, click here: Syneos Health

Tech Elevator:

An elevator that provides career-changers, entrepreneurs, and even tech enthusiasts the opportunity to join a Bootcamp and learn the fundamentals of coding. A boost in the right career direction and providing a “Represent Tech Scholarship” for individuals from an underrepresented background that are eager to learn.

Thank you Tech Elevator for being a promotional partner for DiversiTech!

To learn more, click here: Tech Elevator “Represent Tech Scholarship”

Urban League, Philadelphia

The Urban League of Philadelphia and its affiliates continue to make an impact throughout history and pour into the community. This organization provides the resources for policy and advocacy, business strategies, and economic and community developments for African Americans and underrepresented individuals. Thank you to Urban League for your honorable mission and vision as well as being a proud sponsor of DiversiTech!

To learn more, click here: Urban League Philadelphia




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